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Electric snowmelter for roofs

The streets covered with winter snow look really nice. The grandeur of dazzling white snowdrifts shining in the sun uplifts the spirits. The crunching sound the snow makes when you step on it tells us about the upcoming New Year making children and grown-ups happy.

However, when we see the roads dusted with snow we stop smiling because it makes the traffic slow and uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous. How to keep the roads suitable for traffic even in winter?

The solution seems self-evident: the snow is to be simply melted and then dumped into the sewage system. But how to implement it if the thermometer shows minus 25 - 300 C? A high-capacity unit may be required for snow melting under these weather conditions.

Snowmelter for residential and commercial application


Our company is one of a few companies in Russia manufacturing snowmelters. Our activity is based on experience accumulated by our specialists for many years of design work. Our snowmelters operate on the same principle as units manufactured by leading western companies.

Our Research and Development enterprise offers a wide range of equipment: the snowmelter can operate both on diesel fuel and any other fuels (including solid fuel) as well as on electric elements. A snow melting station / system operating on thermal energy of sewage system may also be manufactured.

Snowmelter for parking areas


Our snowmelters are easy to operate, highly efficient and relatively small. Another advantage is the cost, which is much lower compared to the cost of similar equipment manufactured in the USA or Canada.

We are improving our products on a permanent basis. We never rest on our laurels. We are always creating new samples of snowmelters and modifying the old ones.