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7 STEPS when buying a snowmelter

STEP 1: First of all, determine the amount of snow to be melted during winter season.

It is best to have statistics for previous 3-4 winters available. As a rule, if statistics is available it is represented by amount of vehicles ordered for snow removal per one season. We mostly use Kamaz trucks with body capacity equal to 12 m3, and less often - 20 m3 imported dumpers. Therefore, amount of cubic meters of snow moved out during one season can be calculated.

Example: 486 Kamaz trucks were required during the season It shows that 5800 cubic meters of snow were removed per season.

If statistics is not available, snow volume may be calculated on the basis of area size. Roughly, mean annual precipitation (snow) in moderate climate of Russia is 70 to 100 cm per season. Multiply this figure by size to receive average annual volume of snow per season. Example: Size: 10000 m2. Mean annual precipitation: 100 cm. Snow volume per season: 10000 m3.

STEP 2: Select operation mode.

Are you ready to melt snow around the clock? Or only during working hours? Once operating schedule is determined, you can calculate the required capacity of snowmelter.

Example: Annual volume of snow: 20000 m3. You want to operate the snowmelter 10 hours per day only during working days. So the snowmelter shall operate 80 days (10 hours per day) per season, which makes 800 hours total. The required capacity is 20000/800 = 25 m3/h. Gorynich D30 snowmelter is the best choice!

STEP 3: Select thermal source of energy.

The source of energy may be:

  • Diesel fuel;
  • Electricity;
  • Hot water supply / heating system.

The electric snowmelter requires 27 kW to melt one cube of snow per hour.

This source of energy is used to melt small volumes - up to 5-6 cubic meters per hour and if free capacity is available. The electric snowmelter is the best choice for roofs! This snowmelter is lightweight and easy-to-connect. GORYNYCH electric snowmelters are equipped with a special "shoe" for distributing load. It allows You to use the snowmelter on unattended roofs.

Snowmelter on hot water supply / central heating consumes 0.025 Gcal to melt one cubic meter of snow. This is the most economical way in terms of operating costs. However, these snowmelters are not mobile and have limited capacity. For high capacity, size of heat exchanger and therefore size of the snowmelter becomes too big. Diesel snowmelters can be portable and of higher capacity.

STEP 4: Select the design.

At first glance, design features may be insignificant factor for choosing a snowmelter. However, those who operated the snowmelers know that easy maintenance is largely dependent on design type. It means that operating costs and total capacity are also linked to these factors.

During winter period 95% of maintenance is removing mud and waste. The time required for this procedure is largely dependent on design features. All GORYNYCH snowmelters with capacity of 10 m3/h and higher comprise double volume design: One container with heating element (heat exchanger) is used for heating water and the other container is used for loading snow. The melting process takes place in the second container. All mud and waste particles coming into the snowmelter along with the snow remain in the second container. Firstly, the heat exchanger remains protected from mud and waste, secondly the melting container is easy to clean as it has no structural components (heat exchanger) hampering the process.

STEP 5: Select the control system.

Automation of control system is important for minimizing labor costs. GORYNYCH snowmelters are equipped with control system providing three operation modes: Main melting mode, starting mode and maintenance mode. The system of sensors provides safe operation of the snowmelter and protects its actuating elements in case of faulty operation. GORYNYCH snowmelters do not require special operators for control. Loader operator can control the snowmelter during the melting process.

STEP 6: Technical assistance.

Apart from a detailed operating manual supplied with the snowmelter, GORYNYCH Company provides all clients with live support on website www.grnh.ru

STEP 7: Order.

You can approach GORYNYCH company office by calling +7 (812) 331-02-79 (FREE) or +7 (812) 966-64-49 (FREE) and get the best commercial proposal available on the market.